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Control Z Season 2 Cast and Release Date or Is It Canceled? on Netflix

Control Z is a Mexican web series which was first premiered on 22 May 2020 on Netflix. It is a teen drama created by Carlos Quintanilla and directed by Alejandro Lozano. The show mainly focuses on a socially awkward girl Sofia who tries to uncover the identity of an unknown hacker you released the secrets of students. 

Control Z Season 2: Release Date

Netflix has so far released only 1 season of this amazing series and it looks like fans can’t get enough of it as it is surely very addicting. Although Netflix has not announced anything officially yet, fans need not worry as they usually take some time before finalizing another season irrespective of the popularity of the show.

But nothing to worry about. We are pretty sure that they will update their fans really soon and show a green flag.

Control Z Season 2: Cast

As we know so far, we are skeptical about the return of Javier and Luis for next season as Javier was been accidentally shot and Luis is in a coma. But the rest of the characters are sure gonna return and they are:

  1. Ana Valeria Becerril will be seen as Sofia Herrera
  2. Yankel Stevan plays the role of Raul Leon
  3. Zion Moreo will be seen as Isabela De La Fuente
  4. Macarena Garcia Romero will be seen as Natalia Alexander
  5. Patricio Gallardo plays the role of Gerardo ‘Gerry’ Granda
  6. Andres Baida plays the role of Pablo Garcia
  7. Samantha Acuna will be seen as Alex
  8. Fiona Paloma will portray Maria Alexander
  9. Ivan Aragon will portray Dario
  10. Xabiani Ponce plays the role of Leon as Ernesto
  11. Karima Castro plays the role of Valeria
  12. Mauro Sanchez Navarro will portray Bruno
  13. Ariana Saavedra will be seen as Regina
  14. Paty Maqueo plays the role of Rosa ‘Rosita’ Restrepo
  15. Rodrigo Cachero will be seen as Miguel Quintanilla

Control Z Season 2: Plot

Reportedly, it is believed that season 2 will have a whole new story and mystery to be solved. We will get to witness about Sofia and Javier’s relationship. A lot more fun and interesting things are going to happen and we need to tighten our seat belts and wait until anything comes up.

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