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Conjuring 3: What To Expect From It? The Devil Will Make You Lose Sleep

The Conjuring is a franchise of horror movies whose first part released in 2013 with Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson in the lead roles. The film became hit and earned $319.5 million while its expenditure was $20 million. The second part was released in 2016.

Conjuring 3, the third part of the ever-promising Conjuring series is set to hit theaters in September this year. The wait for this part was a very long one.

While there was talk of the third part for quite some time since 2017, it was only after the shooting started in 2019 that the fans actually started going gaga.

The film will definitely have the famous Warrens going about trying to solve the case. It is rumored to be bases on a case that the couple dealt with where a man after committing a murder claimed that devil made him do it. The story line might just be that as hinted by the full title of the movie- “the devil made me do it”

As we have been jolted by the other movies of this franchise, surely Conjuring 3 too will keep us awake for a few days. Usually, horror suspense genre is made terrifying by the sound effects the technicians put in.

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But in case of Conjuring franchise, along with the scary sound effects, it is the eerie presence of darkness portrayed by the screenplay and the characterization of the inanimate objects, like doors, chairs, lamps; the movies are made more interesting.

One can definitely say that we get our money’s worth by watching the conjuring franchise. And a theater experience makes it worth the wait.


As the main characters, Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson will return as Lorraine and Ed Warren. However, there is no confirmation regarding other actors being involved. No characters from the previous parts can be expected to make a return as both those films were based on two different families. And this movie will be dealing with a case of its own.

Now, as we are fervently waiting for the movie to hit screens, it is time that the producers drop the trailer.