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Conflict Between Grey’s Anatomy Star and Ep, a Trending News: Fought Really Hard to Cast in Alex’s Nostalgia-Heavy Farewell Episode

“Grey’s Anatomy”, The series has about 16 seasons and with that, it has become one of the longest-running shows on ABC.

What’s Going On??

Although, It’s been a while since we are hearing about the lives of doctors who are taking big decisions to make sure they become better at it.

So, Recently the crew of the movie have argued over a basic scene which could be an awesome thing from the maker’s point of view.

Let’s see what really was the scene that was making it so hard between the people who made the series.

The scenario is that the whole Alex-Izzie relationship has taken a reunion which means that the whole thing is coming back on track.

The creator Kristina Vernoff has told the sources that the series was about to take a shift at episode 16 when the swan song reference was supposed to be played for Alex and Izzie’s twins Eli and Alexis but the thing is that viewers are supposed to see the children on screen. The speculation goes that, the co-star Debbie Ellen who also directed the episode was pretty mad.

Is There Any Solution??

As she was not allowed to cast the kids as she wanted too. So, this was something which kind of remained a bummer for the whole crew. But Vernoff also said, ” It was something we all at some point wanted to happen, to make sure that although Katherine Heigl was exited from the series in 2010 still we wanted to make it look that Izzie was alive and she is raising them but that didn’t happen”.

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So, Even though she wanted it to happen but still she couldn’t do that otherwise the script will be compromised and the series will be jeopardising its whole story down the core.

So, For those who felt hurt about the whole thing than people, It supposed to happen and there is no way we can do anything about it.