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Conflict Among the Family: Six Members Killed by a Father and Son Over Land Dispute

Recently, something very bad happened which involved multiple murders. This happened around Lucknow and it involved a man who was just 45 years old. He killed six of his family members and he did it brutally. He used a sickle and a gun to do this deed last Thursday. Not just that, his accomplice in these murders was his own kid. After the mass murders, the father and son duo went to the nearby police station and ended up surrendering themselves for their crimes.

Murderer and the Victims

All of this happened in a small town during Thursday. The father and son were Ajay Singh and Avinash. Avinash is just 20 years old and he helped his father in this. The six family members who were murdered were Ram Dulari, she was the wife of Ajay Singh. Arun and Ram Sakhi who were husband and wife. Sarika and Saurabh were the young children of Arun and Ram Sakhi.

The Mass Murder

The story for this mass homicide is brutal. Ajay Singh started with his father, Amar Singh. He murdered him by slitting the throat. He used a sickle to do so when Amar was at the fields, working on them near Unnao. The location was some distance away from their home. After him, Ajay went to the home and started to kill everyone. He first murdered his own mother with the same sickle and shot his own brother. The shot was very close and Arun died through it. Soon after this, Ajay killed Arun’s wife very brutally. After everyone was dead, he did not leave the two young kids alone. He slaughtered them too. Avinash was an accomplice in this crime.

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What was the reason?

According to the report by Times of India, Sujeet Pandey, who is the Police Magistrate in Lucknow, said that Ajay did all of this because his father left him out for a share in the land. His father did not give the land to him and actually gave it to his brother, Arun. Ajay, after being arrested, said that he was very angry. He suspected that his father was going to give the land away but not to Ajay.