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Condor Season 2 Release Date and Expected Plot

Even though We really are not huge fans of politicians these days but we sure take great pleasure in series and movies which describes political theories in a better and more entertaining way.

There are a huge number of series which are out there but let’s just talk about one of them and i.e. “Condor”.

The first season of this political conspiracy thriller has been able to create a huge fanbase out there. The series is although based on a novel called the ” Six Days of Condor” and also the movie called “Three days of Condor”. The novel was written by James Grady.

Renewal of the Upcoming Season

HBO Max announced its renewal for the second on July 6, 2018. Due to which we can look forward to the second season and here are some updates which we have been able to gather for the upcoming season.

The AT&T audience network has been able to create a wonderful series and as they released the first season in 2019. It is highly expected that the second season is going to be released in 2020 even though, we don’t have the confirmed release date with us still, It’s better to wait.

Story of the Upcoming Season

The story revolves around CIA analyst Joe Turner who has been able to get his hands on a terrific plan which can take many innocent lives. He tries to reveal everything which is going on within the CIA but eventually, everyone is killed in one way or other by assassins. So, to make sure that the plan shouldn’t fall in anyone’s hands he has decided to protect it with all his might.

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The cast of the upcoming season is something which we don’t have any idea about as there were a good number of characters were dead and due to which we might see some changes in the cast but that’s something which is saved for later.

We don’t have a trailer for the upcoming season but then again the pandemic has been able to stop almost everything. So, it’s going to take a good amount of time before we get our hands on the trailer.