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Comedy Series ‘Lunatics Season 2’ Of Netflix Here Are The Details

Lunatics is a comedy mockumentary web series, written and starring by Chris Lilley, that premiered on Netflix on 2019 April. Chris Lilley continuous his mockumentary style in this series. There are ten episodes in 1 st season.

Lunatics is a mockumentary series that Chris Lilley played and narrated in six differs characters. The six characters’s had their own different lifestyle and behaviour, and this different behavior makes the show different from other comedy shows.

Who will be casting in season 2?

The six characters played by Chris Lilley are,

  • Keith Dick, a fashionable cash registet
  • Becky Douglas, 7’3” girl recently moved in California for college
  • Gavin McGregor , 12-year-old boy with highly ambitious
  • Jana Melhoopen, south African phychic
  • Quentin cook, real estate agent who wants to be a DJ
  • Joyce Jeffries, a adult film star.

There are other characters too,

  • Leena Arora as Patika Dick
  • Joe Murray as Dylan
  • Emma Wilson as Colleen
  • Chloe Stout as Lucy
  • Harry Racbone as oscar
  • Nancy as Cassie Wang
  • Antony Turrisi as con etc.

The first season was already here in Netflix and the season is quite funny. Time a for the new season, but the problem is as of March 2020 the series is pending from a thumbs up from Netflix.

The reason for this kind of pending situation the reviews and lack of renewal also for the critics too, once Stuart Heritage said, ” Lunatics is Nasty and grotesque. Chris Lilley’s career is shot.”

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Why was the series pending?

During an interview, a fan asked about Lunatics 2 with excitement and Chris Lilley said ” yeah same so excited to the next settlement with Netflix but can’t say right now about the project. By this we barely made a thought that could be possible that there is also a new series maybe but lunatics 2 is more suggested by the fans. With all this negative impact of releasing Lunatics 2 he also said that , he loved to work with Netflix, because Netflix gave him his freedom in his work.

The fans are waiting for the series but we heard that the series also the top 10 most popular releases in 2019 in Netflix Australia, also it was the 5th most-watched title and the 2nd most-watched series and it became top 10 title in the UK too, still fans had no idea why Netflix still pending the releasing of Lunatics 2.

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