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Coleen Nolan’s Cancer Needs a Double Mastectomy. Here Is What She Confessed About It

 Coleen Patricia Nolan is a well known British singer.She was the member of Irish family girl group, The Nolans.

Why is Coleen worried? 

Coleen after witnessing so much breast cancer news in her family like her sister Bernie died in 2013 battling with breast cancer.This year she was told by her sister Anne that she also has breast cancer and her sister Linda just revealed to her that her breast cancer is returning and it is spreading to her liver .

What solution Coleen has been thinking about?

So all this news just broke her down and she is considering having a double mastectomy due to her fear of breast cancer .She wants to take preventive measures to stop breast cancer reaching to her .But she is not able to decide whether to go ahead with that idea or not as the fear is the pain she will feel ,her recovery,etc .

Why is Coleen not able to decide ?

Her mind is full of fears like she is thinking that what if she died when she was given anaesthesia?What if the pain after surgery will be unbearable ? What if she gets cancer in some other part of the body after removing her breasts ? Many kinds of thoughts are coming inside her mind so she is not able to make decisions .She is totally confused .

She knows that it will create a kind of tension in her family but she knew from inside that her sisters will support her definitely .Because they are well aware that why she is taking such kind of decision .

But the fear of losing her breast is in her mind and she is not able to get rid of it .

So let’s see that will Coleen be able to come out of her fears?

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