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Cobra Kai Season 3: Upcoming Cast, Release Date And Story

Cobra Kai Season 3 release date

Yea, that’s what we have got here. Cobra Kai is all set with a new season and season 3 will be up on YouTube pretty soon.

A series made on Karate, a martial art form with a blend of quite a nice story and good humor.

Cobra Kai: The Background

Cobra Kai is an American Series streaming on YouTube which was supposed to behold and continue with the legacy of the Karate Kid (1984) movie and so far the makers did a wonderful job and the show had an unexpectedly great run.

The series begins 34 years after the greatest showdown between Johnny and Daniel.

Well, their rivalry never lost its shine and it continued even among their students too.

The Karate Kid: The Movie

Cobra Kai Season 3
Cobra Kai Season 3

The karate kid was undoubtedly a masterpiece of the ’90s. An inspiring and sensational one.

It must have been a herculean task for the makers to create a show following The karate kid.

It features Ralph Macchio in the lead role as Daniel LaRusso along with William Zabka playing the role of Antagonist Johnny Lawrence.

The story revolves around Daniel, newly moved to California and struggles he faces at school.

Pat Morita as Miyagi trains him in Karate and the rest of the movie follows his journey through all setbacks, pains, and glory.

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The movie made a huge profit margin in the box office which also inspired a movie of similar context in 2010 released under the same name starring Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith.

Cobra Kai: Through the seasons

Cobra Kai Season 3
Cobra Kai Season 3

e show so far, both streaming on YouTube and both chartbusters.

The first season started streaming in May 2018 which was followed by the second season one year later in April of 2019.

Both seasons had 10 episodes each and both received positive responses from the audience and the critics.

What to expect in Cobra Kai Season 3?

Since season 2 ended on a tragic note, for both Daniel and Johnny, maybe we can expect the introduction of new characters or there might be a chance if they find a way together.

Well for both of these outcomes sure it’ll take the show to the next level.

So keep checking for more new updates of Cobra Kai as Season 3 is expected to drop by April or May 2020 just like the previous 2 seasons.