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Claws Season 5 Release Date, Here We Have Some Updates

Claws is an American comedy-drama TV series that first aired on Turner Network Television (TNT) on 11th June 2017, Created by Eliot Laurence. It has an average IMDb rating of 7.4/10 and 88% of Google users liked the show. Claws were originally developed as a single-camera comedy show for HBO, starring Niecy Nash (Desna Simms), Jenn Lyon (Jennifer Hussar), Carrie Preston (Polly Marks), Judy Reyes (Annalise Zayas), and Karrueche Tran (Virginia Loc), Claws followed five manicurists working in Manatee County, Florida who began laundering money for a neighboring pain clinic and eventually built their criminal empire.

All four seasons of this series contain 10 half-hour episodes each. The first season started its filming on 13th December 2016. By the end of season 1, the show saw a positive response from the users and was immediately renewed for a second season which was released on 10th June 2018. A year later, on 9th June 2019, the third season of

Claws Season 5 Release Date

Claws was released. Right after, it was renewed for a fourth season. But due to the ongoing pandemic, the production company had to shut it down. As filming resumed in 2020, the show finally premiered on 19th December 2021.

Even though seasons 1 and 2 did very well in the case of ratings, further seasons weren’t liked that much. Along with the pandemic, the show started to decline in its rating, and finally, the show premiered its last and final season 4 in December 2021. The show was called off after that and as of now, there is no news regarding Claws Season 5 renewal and release date. The finale of season 4 wrapped up the storyline satisfactorily and since then, it seems that the creators are done with the show. Future developments on this show are highly unlikely.


What Have the Cast of ‘Claws’ Said About the Show Ended?

In an interview with Newsweek, Nash spoke about the series’ final season and said that it would see Desna face a reckoning and follow her as she tries to deal with problems coming her way. She detailed: “I would probably say the final season of Claws is about the reckoning that is going to fall on Desna and how she’s going to navigate that space. This is a time for her to work smarter and not harder.

“And there have been so many challenges within the group, it’s going to be tricky to try to get everyone on the same page so that we can try to get a happy ending. Speaking at TNT’s CTAM panel in November 2021, per Deadline, the cast also spoke about the final season and reflected on the journeys their characters have been on

Karrueche Tran, who takes on the role of Virginia Loc, said of her character: “[She] started as a stripper, and the main thing about her has been her growth and her maturity.

“Towards the end of the season, she starts to get into the business side of things and starts to become a grown-up. All while seeing all these layers pulled back and you’ll learn more about who she is and where she’s from. She’s also still looking for love but also finding the love within herself.”


Meanwhile, Carrie Preston said of Polly Marks: “Over the seasons the friendships have deepened and the character of Polly has deepened thanks to the support of the women around her that helped her through some tough times and brought her to a stronger place. “She has more confidence. She’s still going to con her way through things but at least she’s got the support of her friends.”

‘Claws’ all seasons can be seen free on Apple TV, Roku, Fire TV, and Amazon prime video.

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