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Clash of clans update is live check what’s new will you see

Some details of Clash Of Clans

The game was released on August 2, 2012, for iOS platforms and in 2013 for android available on google play. A strategy based game that will test how fast or how possibly you can deal with a problem in a correct manner. The players can build their own fantasy land using the resources which they will earn after attacking other players.

They can form a group of up to fifty people playing together and several resources like gold, elixer can be earned. The game was developed by Supercell. It is based on either single-player or multiplayer mode. It took almost half of the year to bring this game available to the players and the major inspiration came from Backyard Monsters.


What’s new in clash of clans spring update 2020

Supercell had been putting constant efforts to make this game more appreciated with improved quality, new levels, and many more new features. Well, the wait of the players is over as the developers are all ready to bring the updated version of clash of clans.

New troops will be introduced which will be four in number namely-

Super Barbarian, Sneaky goblin, Super Wall Breaker and the Super Giant. They have been named as the super troops but they will be available only one at a time. In addition to this, the village’s defenses are also improved taking into consideration that in the updated version, Freeze Spell can be upgraded to the next level and moreover. 3rd dark elixir drill can be constructed in the updated version. The builder base’s clock tower sped is also increased with many multipliers and a new tie-breaker is introduced.

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The game is based on time and the player with the most remaining time will be declared as the winner. The most attractive thing in the latest version is the implementation of Super tools. It brings an extra identity to the game. So, let’s see how the players react to this updated version but with this, they will be having a totally new gaming experience.