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Clash of Clans: Best Strategy To Attack In War

Clash of clans is a game that is developed by Finnish, a game developer supercell and also published by it. The game was released for the ios in 2012 and released on Google Play for android phones in 2013. The genre of the game is a strategy and you can play this game as single-player as well as multiplayer.

The theme of the game is a fantasy where you or player is in the role of chief of a village. The game is about building your own town from the resource player gain after attacking your enemy town.

The resources that you get for building your town after attacking others are gold, elixir and dark elixir.

The player of the game can also make the group together that called clans and also chats there.

The group is up to 50. The clash of clans gained positive reviews for the players or by the people.

What is the gameplay of the clash of clans?

Clash of clans is an online game that you can’t play offline. Clash of clans is a multiplayer game while you can also play in a single player.

In the clash of clans player have to create their own town and that is called clans and also attack other players to gain their resources.

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In the game, you will know that there are only 4 types of resources which also called currencies.

The four types of resources or currencies have their different uses. While attacking the player gets 3 minutes to complete their attack and to win.

Building in the game

For the resources that you have earned with attacking others, the player has to make up some building to store them for example for storing gold players have to make gold mines.

Clan and Clan wars in the game

The group that is made by the players is called clan in which players can chat also; they can also donate resources to each other there.

Clan war is a war between the players to gain resources and defeat each other.

Builder base in the game

Builder Base is the new feature in the clash of clans that are released by the creators in 2017.

This feature is about creating a new village again and also a new building.

The other information that you wants to know about the game clash of clans

The game clash of clans takes only 6 months to release. This game is inspired by some other game.