Claire Danes Problematic Relationship With Leonardo DiCaprio. What Actually Happened Between the Two Stars

If we look at the movie list of Actor Leonardo DiCaprio, he has already played in many best romance movies. We all know his world famous performance for Titanic. Leonardo is loved by all his co star’s and many female costars announced their crush on Leonardo while filming and even Claire is one of them.

Claire and Leonardo worked together in the movie Romeo + Juliet which was based on Shakespeare’s play.  The movie was released in 1996 and become on of the high hits for both the stars.

How Was the Experience of Claire With Leonardo

At that time Leonardo was 4 year older than Claire as he was 21. Leonardo is famous for pulling pranks on his co stars and mostly people loved that, but Claire hated it the most and couldn’t bear him much.  Through tr sources it is known that both the stars rarelly had a conversation out of acting and claire was ready to drink poison when Leonardo was around.  Leonardo pulled many pranks on Claire and she never showed any intersted in talking to the Leonardo.

Completely Different Side of Claire’s Mind Is Seen in Her Recent Interview

In a current interview Claire confessed that she had a schoolgirl crush on Leonardo even after all those pranks. She said their relationship was really problematic as the were not into good terms and also her having a secret crush on him.  She said ” That was problematic, I couldn’t really have a crush on  the guy I was professionally having a crush on. So we can say even after being tired of Leonardo, Claire couldn’t ignore his charms and end up having a crush on him.

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