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Ciara, With a Cute Pic of Her Son, Win, Saying That She Has 99 Problems and How Much She Loves and Proud of Russell Wilson as He Was Enlisted to the #99 Club

Ciara made a sweet tweet about his husband making it to be selected in the 99 club. He posted the picture of her small baby boy Win and talked about him along with some motivational limes for Russell Wilson. She wrote ” I got 99 problems but win ain’t. One so proud of Russ Wilson for being selected into the 99 club . I love you so much you are 1 of 1.

RusselRussell Wilson being added to the 99 club

Russell became the 6th member of the 99 club after being the second highest quarterback. The other members of 99 club are Mahomes, Aaron Donald, Stephon Gilmore, Christian McCaffrey and Michael Thomas. This new of Russell being included in 99 club was declared by official Madden NFL account on Twitter they mentioed the reasons why Russell was selected for it as he is “19 passing TDs  1,500 passing yards ,5-0 record”. To  which Russell replied ” 99 club baby?!!!! To every kid in the world, WHY NOT YOU, Dream come true.

Russell received the diamond pendent by Dk Metcalf as to identify him the member of 99 club.

What more to know about Russell

Russell has a net worth of $ 120 million. And he got married twice upto now. Forts he married to his high school girlfriend but soon got divorced in the 2 years. Than he mate the singer ciara in the year 2015 and started dating. They got engaged in the year 2016 and in the same year they tied the knot in the July 5 2016. Ciara already had a baby boy and Russell become a step first. The couple got blessed with a baby girl named Sienna and in the year 2020 the couple announced their second baby coming. He was a boy and borned in July 2020. The couple named him win.

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