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Ciara and Russell Wilson Welcome Son as They Are Still Thinking What Name They Will Give to the Baby

This Quarantine period as we all know has been a boon for some and a curse for some. While for many it has only brought about misery and sadness. For others it has been a period of reconciliation and getting family priorities right. The lockdown for some has proved to be a perfect stimulant as they have got time to tend to their loved ones. While for others getting stuck up in a claustrophobic environment with all kinds of travel restrictions was a huge pain on the backside. And thus the psychological issues in relation to marriage and living together surfaced in general.

Russell Wilson becomes a Dad

For those who follow the NFL, Russell Wilson is a huge name. He is inarguably one of the most successful players in the history of NFL. He is credited with being one of the only players who has tasted victory in each and every season of the NFL. On another front, he is one of those select players who has also represented his team in the Super Bowl, considered the epitome in NFL. Russell is the quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks. Recently on Thursday became a dad for the third time.

Wife Ciara makes the announcement

The couple made a post on Twitter giving the caption number 3. Ciara got married to Russell in 2016. In 2017 she had their first child along with the one they had from Ciara’s previous marriage. On Thursday she gave birth to a baby boy named Win Harrison Wilson. In the month of January, R&B singer Ciara had made the announcement of her pregnancy. In the post, Ciara is wearing a black mask. Then she is seen singing a happy birthday song to her newborn baby.

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Wilson has won many accolades throughout his career. But this has got to be ranked among the top 3 for sure. There have been lots of appreciative posts on Twitter in regard to the news of her childbirth. Many other NFL stars have congratulated the couple on social media. Many of them have written a long post in dedication to the newborn child.