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Christopher Nolan’s Tenet Premiere Date, Cast, Plot and All Other Details Are Here

2020 has been a very average year if you are a big Hollywood movies fan. Most of them have tanked at the box office. Some of them have had lousy scriptwriting and same old cop villain storyline. Out of this debris comes the news of Tenet, which is surely going to be the most interesting and anticipated watch of 2020. This Nolan movie is expected to have a great ensemble cast with a very high movie budget.

Tenet Plot Details

Christopher Nolan, has always been very tight lipped about leaking any spoilers. This technique of his has given him cult movies like Inception, Dark Knight and Prestige just to name a few. Thrilling Plots, Amazing execution and a killer climax- facets which make his movies the best ones in contemporary world. Tenet will surely be no different to this norm. It will be a classic tale of revenge with a James Bond type espionage framework.

Vibrant locations and out of bounds action sequences will galore the movie. Tale will revolve around the classic cat and mouse story where the anti hero would be chased by the agents and would ultimately be laid to waste by the agents.

Tenet Cast Details

This movie will reportedly be a proper reunion between Nolan and his old faithful’s. Bonafide Hollywood legends like Kenneth Branagh, Michael Caine and Dimple Kapadia will be a part of this movie. Other famous Hollywood actors like Robert Pattinson, Ray Donovan, Ann Taylor Johnson and Elzabeth Debicki will be playing the important roles. Lead role will be played by John David Washington, an up and coming Hollywood talent. The movie has been shot in exotic locations all around the world. Some of them include Denmark, Croatia, Germany, India, United Kingdom and United States of America.

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Tenet Release Date

Majority of the movies waiting in the line have been delayed. This has happened due to the effects of Coronavirus which has stopped all feasible filing activities. However Nolan is insistent on releasing the movie at the earlier decided date, July 17th 2020.

Fans in the midst of this turmoil are seeing a ray of hope with this movie. Although will they be able to throng theatres? Or would they be restricted to watching the movie at home on any online platform? These questions can only be answered after the month of July.