Christopher Cross Reveals How He Was Paralyzed and Went Near to Death Due to COVID-19 Illness

Christopher Charles Geppert otherwise known as Christopher Cross is born on 3rd May, 1951, in, San Antonio, Texas, United States. He is a singer, song writer and a composer. He has been in the industry from 1971. Most of his songs are pop rock and soft rock. He has won 5 Grammy awards, all in the same year in 1980. He has also won a Golden Globe award and a Academy Award.

In April, Christopher has announced publicly that he and his girlfriend have tested positive for Covid-19. Many celebrities were tested positive for Covid-19. Some recovered and some lost the battle. Just like that Cross and his girlfriend had also recovered after a period of time. One day when he was feeling normal he had decided to go to the supermarket to buy somethings but once he reached his house, he couldn’t feel his legs.

In a recent interview with Serena Altschul he spoke about his experience. He called his experience as something like ‘come-to-Jesus’ moment. He and his girlfriend had gone for a trip to Mexico and from there both of them had caught the virus in their system. Cross was paralyzed for sometime and kept in intensive care for 10 days. He termed those days as the dark days of his life. He couldn’t walk, talk, or do anything for that matter. He felt hopeless.

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The doctors had informed Christopher that he was diagnosed with a diseases called ‘Guillain-Barre syndrome’. The doctors said that this might have happened because of the covid-19 virus he had caught few days back. Luckily the paralysis was temporary but still there are times where Christopher needs a crane for support. His memory isn’t affected but just the neurological part is bit ‘foggy’. All his fans and well wishers have been praying for his speedy recovery.

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