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Chrissy Teigen Says She Will Be Donating $2,00,000 Just To Bail Out Protestors Across The Country

The protest around the city Minneapolis regarding the death of a black man named George Floyd by a policeman has taken up a big picture across the country. Looks like not only the normal citizens but also the celebrities have participated in it to bring justice for George. So, the other day Taylor Swift also tweeted about President Donald Trump and that tweet became her most-liked tweet on Twitter.

On the other hand, another burning update right now is that a very famous cookbook author and a previous model Chrissy Teigen has pledged to donate $2,00,000 just to bail out the protestors across the country. She declared this after President Donald Trump declared ‘MAGA night’ (it is a phrase used by Trump which he used to condemn the protestors who were protesting against police brutality outside the White House after the death of George Floyd) at the white house on last Saturday night.

Earlier she pledged to donate $1,00,000 for their bail but after a twitter user posted that they are criminals and rioters, she tweeted by saying, they might need more money then. And 15 minutes later, she decided to double the amount and made it $2,00,000.

Clashes between protestors and police have burst out in the whole country as thousands came on street, asking for justice for George Floyd. Curfew has been put up in many places including Seattle, Pittsburg, Miami, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Portland, Chicago, Rochester, and obviously Minneapolis where all this started first.

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Teigen also shared her tweets on the Instagram account saying that she stands with the heroes in support and solidarity. Trump and Teigen also have a history of not liking each other as back in September 2019 Trump blocked Chrissy on Twitter after calling her ‘filthy-mouthed’ and her husband John Legend ‘boring’.

There are many other celebrities like Teigen who have donated funds for the protestors and some of them are Steve carrel, Don Cheadle, Janelle Monae, Seth Rogen, Abbi Jacobson.
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