Chrissy Teigen and John Legend Owes a $17 Million House in Beverly Hills.. Let’s Have a Glimpse at Their New House

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Christine Diane Teigen is an American model, a famous and known personality and she has been married to John legend. He is an American singer, director, producer, actor. They have happily married partners for life.

Worth of Teigen and john legend’s new home

They have been hunting for a new big home,  a new sprawling mansion has been bought by them worth $17.5 million in Beverly Hills. Since it is located on a small hill so it’s kind of their private mansion. The mansion area is spread over 10,000 square feet ….. the area of their old home was less as compared to their newly bought mansion but it had more number of bedrooms. Their new mansion has six bedrooms and nine bathrooms.

More details about their home –

It has high ceilings so that we can enjoy a panoramic view of the lawn and for the entrance of natural light. This new house has one fabulous outdoor barbecue area, a wine cellar, and a bar as well. It has two dining rooms, one formal and one low-key family type .kitchen has marble walls and stainless steel drawers.

A master suite is situated inside the house, with oak floors and a shaded balcony. The guest suites are embedded with their own private balconies .16 security cameras are there for the security of the house.

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The house has modern bathrooms. Each bathroom has large mirrors inside it and having commercial-grade steam showers.. ..it even has one media room which will give a mind-blowing experience to the whole family. It comes with a massive 145-inch projection screen and speakers. This new home has so many beautiful sights inside it, their old home was also very beautiful which provides them a beautiful view of Los Angeles.

Fans are very much excited about their new home and are excited to know even minor details about their new home.