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Chris Watts’s Girlfriend Nichol Kessinger Disappeared After He Murdered His Family. Where Is She Now?

Who is Chriss Watts?

Christopher Lee Watts otherwise known as Chriss Watts killed his wife, Shan’ann, his two daughters who were just 4 and 8, Bella Marie Watts and Caleste Cathryn Cee Watts, and his unborn child in 2018. He met his wife, Shan’ann Cathryn 10 years back, 2010, and later got married to her in 2012. The couple always looked happy from outside but you never really know how things are from the inside. They were like the perfect coupe with the perfect family. When their loved ones came to know that he was behind the murder of his wife and children, they were shocked. No one saw that coming.

Everything was fine until 2015, when the family went bankrupt. Shan’ann had her own company called ‘Le-vel’, where they sold products called Thrive whereas Chriss was an employer for Anadarko Petroleum.

Why did Chriss kill his wife and kids?

When the police started their investigation on the case, they found Chriss being very fishy. After interrogating him and conducting a polygraph test on him, in which he failed, he was arrested for murdering his family. The murder took place on 13th August, 2018. It is said that they were pregnant with their third child who was going to be a boy and they were planning on naming him Nico Lee Watts. Shan’ann was 15 weeks pregnant when she was killed. This incident shook everyone. Some of Shan’ann’s friends said that she told them few days before her murder that her husband was behaving very weird of him and it was like he never wanted his new unborn baby. After Chriss was found guilty he said that he had buried his wife and kept his children in an oil tank. Later the police found the bodies. He later told the police that he killed his wife to be with his girlfriend, Nichol Kissinger.

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Where is Nichol Kissinger?

In an interview Nichol gave in 2018, she said that she never expected Chriss to be the murder. They were together for only two months and he informed her that he is in the process of divorce with his wife but clearly all that was a lie. It is said that right now her last location was in Northglenn.