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Chris Martin Net Worth All You Need to Know

If you are a modern music lover you must be a fan of Coldplay. One of the leading bands in the world for a decade, they have sold millions of copies of their albums. Highly rated as one of the most successful bands in British history, the main genre of their songs is Pop. Chris Martin is the founder of the band. Here are some important details you must know about him.

Chris Martin: Personal Life

Chris was born in Denver, England. His father was Anthony Martin and his mother was Alison Martin. Anthony was an accountant by profession and Allison, a music teacher. While studying at the University College in London Chris met Jonny Buckland. Martin always had a keen taste and preference for music. Thus both he and Jonny formed the band Coldplay. Chris was the lead vocalist while Jonny was the lead guitarist. They were later joined by Guy Berryman who became the bass player. Will Champion later joined the band as the drummer. Chris married Gwyneth Paltrow and they have 2 kids. Gwyneth and Chris started dating after Chris helped her during a tumultuous time of her father’s death. After 10 years of marriage, they, however, separated amicably.

Chris Martin: Music Career

The band which Chris and Jonny had found was named Pelcatroz initially. Then they changed their name to Starfish. In the end, they settled for Coldplay which earned them huge success. Since 1996 Coldplay has released five studio albums which are all equally famous. Some of them like A Rush of Blood to the Head and Viva La Vida is extremely popular. Chris has also worked on solo projects in collaboration with Jay Z and Kanye West. Recently he was the major attraction at the One Love Manchester event which was attended by a sellout crowd. It was a tribute to the victims of the Manchester Killings. There he sang the song Don’t look back in Anger by Oasis along with Ariana Grande. He has also worked with Chain-smokers over the song Something Just Like This which became a huge hit. In all Martin has won three Grammy awards. Coldplay has a total Net Worth of around $100 million.

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Chris Martin: Net Worth

Chris Martin as of recent reports has a total Net Worth of $120 million.