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Chris Hemsworth Net Worth: All Details A Fan Needs To Know

A very talented Australian actor-Chris Hemsworth, also known as Christopher Hemsworth, had played some of the exciting roles from which we couldn’t take our eyes off even for a minute. He is undoubtedly born with some extraordinary mind, and his professional career has reached heights. His utmost success has been working with Marvel Cinematic Universe and with Avengers: Endgame. His exceptional talent and dedication towards his work had made him one of the highest-paid actors globally.

His early life

Chris Hemsworth was born in the year 1983 in Melbourne, Australia, to a social service counselor. His mother was an English teacher. He had graduated from Heathmont College. He had spent his childhood in Melbourne among crocodiles and buffaloes. He then moved to Australian Outback in Northern Territory and finally to Phillip Island when he grew older.

His personal life-

Chris Hemsworth is regarded as one of the richest and most talented actors across the globe. He held a rank 31st in the list of highest-paid celebrities in the year 2018. Apart from this, he had his presence in the list of Forbes’ highest-paid actors in the year 2014. He is now settled in Byron Bay in Australia with his wife-Elsa Pataky, a  Spanish actress, and his three children- a daughter and twin sons. He was married in December 2010.

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His professional career-

Chris Hemsworth started his professional career in the world of acting from the year 2002, and now he is regarded as one of the st famous and highest-paid actors across the whole world. He made his first appearance in series Guinevere Jones and Neighbours. He was portrayed in the movie Star Trek by J.J.Abrams.

He gave a mindblowing work as Kale in A Perfect Getaway. He was cast for the character of Thor in Marvel Cinematic Universe, which made him more popular as Thor was the 15th highest earned movie with a total of 449.3 million dollars. He had his significant contribution in the film The Avengers released in the year 2012. His upcoming movies include Star Trek film series, an action thriller on Netflix Extraction, Thor: Love and Thunder, which will release in August 2020 in Australia.

Chris Hemsworth net worth

With his career reaching heights, and be regarded as one of the highest-paid actors, his net worth is estimated to be 130 million dollars.