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Chris Evans Shares a Penis Picture on Instagram Later He Deleted Was It Accidentally?

Hollywood Stars are not new to controversy and scandals. While some spent an entire duration of their professional light under the scanner of public media, others although staying in recluse have their privacy interrupted by the so called Paparazzi. However at times due to the irresponsible behavior meted out by themselves, the stars have to sometimes come across embarrassing situations. Either they get too carried away by the perks of the social media or they do stuff that becomes a meme and they get trolled by their ardent fans as well. At times although it is humorous and done on purpose, accidents and mishaps are common and some might even become as critical as destroying the reputation and image of the star in the public media.

Chris Evans shares a nude picture

Avengers Star, Chris Evans, aka Captain America was embroiled in a controversy. The affable star who has millions of admirers all across the globe was playing a game called Heads Up with his friends. He put out a picture on his Instagram story. In the picture, it was visible clearly that a screenshot of another picture was taken. The screenshot resembled a cropped picture of his penis. As soon as the picture was posted, the media was abuzz and notifications started coming in constantly. He decided to remove the picture immediately.


Fan Reactions

Fans of his body know that he is an absolute physical specimen. After posting the picture, there were hilarious reactions from his fans which got major publicity on Instagram. While some of his fans were gushing about the potency of his anatomy, others were left pondering the reason why the picture had come up on social media. Fans had a mixed reaction as the entire episode was completely unexpected and they did not know how to react to the entire situation.

Trolls and Memes

As soon as the picture got viral on social media, memes and trolls began flooding in. Some of the trolls were absolutely hilarious. The memes were made by the fans themselves and they started circulating in the social media circle. In one of the memes, the picture of his cropped out penis appears. The caption for the picture reads that why Captain America has got his own Thanos and a hilarious picture of Thanos, the main villain of the Avengers is attached along with it. For more news on this topic you can stay connected and log on to our website. We will be providing you with the required details of the news.