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Chris Evans Reacts to a Random Attack on Rick Moranis by a Strange Man

‘Ghostbusters’ star Rick Moranis was attacked by a stranger on Thursday morning. Chris Evans was angered by the random attack on the actor and also expressed his views about the incidence on twitter.


According to the NYPD report the actor was assaulted when he was walking to his apartment near Central Park West. A man in a ‘I ❤️ New York’ sweatshirt punched Rick without no reason whatsoever. The incidence was recorded on camera.


After reporting the incidence to police, Rick Moranis visited hospital after the incidence for his treatment. A NYPD detective shared the news of Rick being all well and recovering.


This anonymous and sudden attack on Rick Moranis has shocked many people. The NYPD is active to find the guy who did the attack.


Chris Evans, the beloved Captain America has expressed his anger about this incidence on twitter. He said that his blood is boiling after the incidence. He demanded for the attacker to be found.


‘You don’t touch Rick Moranis’ – said his tweet.


In 1991, when his wife died of cancer, Rick Moranis vanished from the show business. Recently he was making his way back into the business. He worked alongside Ryan Reyonolds in a commercial. He is said to have signed on for ‘Honey, I Shrunk The Kids’.

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