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Chris Cuomo an America Based Anchor Has Tested Positive for Coronavirus

CHRIS CUOMO, an American television journalist, commonly known as the presenter of Cuomo Prime Time, a weekly show telecasted on CNN, has been caught in the trap of coronavirus and was tested positive for it. He had symptoms of corona like shortness of breath, high fever, and chills. Though he stated that he would continue his job from his home for Cuomo Prime Time.

According to him, his exposure to various people was the reason for him being tested as corona positive, and he scares that his virus will not spread to his wife and his children. But, somehow, he showed himself to be positive, and he tweeted that we will fight against this in unity and being smart and tough. The governor, being his brother, stated that Cuomo would be fine soon, which gave a sigh of relief to his viewers. Keeping in mind the ideology of social distancing, the majority of employees have been working from home in many parts of the world, including NEWYORK, and anchors have been broadcasting from home offices in a clean environment.

The coronavirus cases are observed to be increasing in the UNITED STATES day by day. Thus the practice of social distancing and avoiding gatherings should be followed by the people there. The doctors say that anyone, especially the younger brains, if they feel the symptoms of even mild fever, should completely isolate themselves.

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The hospitals there are running out of the medical facility, and thus, it is required for the citizens to maintain social distance as much as possible; otherwise, they have to pay a huge debt. He is the third CNN employee to be tested as corona positive. The whole family was observed to support him during this hard time, and we all believe that he will fight and will surely be perfectly fine soon.