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Chris Brown and Young Thug Mixtape Slime & B’ Tracklist Revealed

It’s quite a while since we last heard about Chris Brown and looks like he didn’t like that either as the singer has recently launched his new album with Young Thug called “Slime and B”.

Just hours after launching the album, the singer revealed his whole album on an Instagram story and with his 13 track playlist, it’s looking pretty good.

The album started with ” Say You Love Me” and ended with “Help Me Breathe” which is somewhat telling us that maybe Chris is going with some hard love but then again it’s just a guess.

A new album by Chris

The twitter account of Chris, Young Thug and Breezy has been filled with nothing but with the news of their new album which is somewhat crazy and maybe the reason behind the craziness could be the fact that the album is going to be released on Breezy’s birthday.

The project was able to get completed within a span of about 2-3 weeks and with that being said it looks like that the whole crazy thing has become pretty much awesome.

The release date is set to be May 8th, 2020 which is also going to be Breezy, one of the producers of the album’s birthday.

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This Quarantine Is Going to Be Sexy.

They all seemed to be pretty hyped about the whole thing and they were seen to be pretty confident and wholesome about the whole project but still, we are going to judge only on the basis of the soundtracks though.

In this period of quarantine, 13 tracks from Chris Brown and Young Thug means nothing but a wholesome melody from these fascinating singers and also need to exercise is also there. So, maybe this time we will be able to add some of his songs to our playlist to make sure that our home workout or any work could become more interesting.

So die-hard fans, just need to wait for 2-3 days and then you will get your favourite Chris Brown songs.