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Chinese Woman Positive By COVID-19 Arrested For Spitting On Bananas


In this news a Chinese Woman who positive from COVID-19 arrested for spitting On bananas in Australia.


Here is the fact check of the news in this article we will check the news is fake there is no source of the news this is based on our research.

Chinese Woman Positive By COVID-19 Arrested

As the threat of the deadly virus covid 19 is spreading all over the world because the cases of coronavirus are increasing day by day in every country, it is true that many people are also recovered from it but it is less than the people who are infected or dead.

This increasing case of covid 19 is increasing day by day which creates a threat in the life of people.

With this covid 19 also much fake news or video are also going viral on social media platform which is increasing the threat in people’s minds.

A few days ago a viral video shows that two Chinese women which are infected from the virus are spitting on the market of Australia and later they are arrest, this video creates a threat of the people of Australia and stops buying bananas.

While the truth of the video is that someone edited it with two videos, this video is shared many times on social media and then it was deleted, however, the video is fake and it is not true. It is also not right to share any fake message or video in this critical situation.

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