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Chinese Start-Up Rokid Pitches Thermic Eyeglasses to Detect Coronavirus

There is no way to diagnose infections readily and there is no treatment that can help the body remove the virus or fully protect it from infection. That has been the main issue with Coronavirus. This is why at the moment distancing is important, and what makes it so risky. The entire world will begin to open up again at some point, but COVID-19 will not be defeated for at least a few years. We will continue to be witnessing localized outbreaks for some time.

Hopefully when this happens, we will be able to deal with new cases and have the distribution. Measures to minimize transmission capacity may consist of screening programs designed to identify patients early on. Antibodies Coronavirus testing will map a community’s immunity after a COVID-19 attack. Contact-tracing¬†with the aid of smartphones may be a way of evaluating whether we have been exposed to contagious people.

What should you do in these tough times?

Anything as simple as wearing masks at all times can help to lower the risk, and screening methods for patients with fever can be used in public areas. This is one that does not occur in most cases, although it is a common symptom of COVID-19. Even so, it may be advised to carry out temperature tests, and businesses are developing software that can enhance the process and ensure the health of the person testing out the other’s temperature. Rokid glasses could help in that.

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What are these Rokit T1 glasses?

These glasses will use a 12-megapixel camera. It also uses an infrared sensor which detects temperatures of around 200 people from a distance of three meters. This entire process is a quick way to scan people at train station and other places where there is crowd.

What else can these glasses do?

The T1 glasses also offer AR abilities. This feature allows users to store videos and images by using voice commands. The company stated that it would not upload information to the cloud. Privacy is of the utmost importance for them. The data measurement is stored locally.

The company is planning to offer these glasses to the municipalities and the US hospitals. However, they are yet to disclose these customers.