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China’s Killer Missiles: Are They Thinking for War? Here All You Need to Know

We all know that this time there is so much tension between the countries especially with China .One of the reasons for that can be the emergence of coronavirus from Wuhan city of China .

Reason for the disputes 

We all are aware about U.S and China disputes nowadays.Both are trying to prove their supremacy over each other .As we know that the US is a superpower and we are aware of the intentions of China that it wants to become a superpower replacing the US.

There is news that China’s latest volley of missiles has been launched into a water body .It was launched into the South China sea .China has threatened the U.S to destroy its power projection in that region.China did this to show that China is always ready to answer back the Americas aircraft -carrier strike groups .

China said that if the US will put two carriers in the South China Sea then China is ready to send aircraft carrier killer missiles there .This is a kind of open challenge for the first time since world war II .

Chinese defense ministry even said that some of the US politicians are trying to provoke the two nations against each other .As the US is increasing military activities in the South China sea so they are sending missiles to show it as a warning .

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Reason for Sending China Carrier -Killer Missiles-

Many situations are arising which shows that there are chances of war,but that’s not true ,china carrier -killer missiles are to just warn US aircraft carriers to stay away from them and do not try to harm them because they are also enough capable to answer them back as they have weapons too and they are not barehanded .But if things take a uncertain turn and if there will be a war then it could be world war III..

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