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China Has Come to Expresses Over Us Suspended Funds to Who on Amid Pandemic

Even the coronavirus epidemic could not stop two archrivals Ameria and China from fighting the war of accusation against each other. Both countries are undergoing a war of words for a long time and they don’t leave a single chance of accusing each other. This time the reason for the standoff between the two countries is a coronavirus.

China has accused America of bringing the coronavirus into China through its army whereas America was also not behind and accused China of hiding important information regarding coronavirus. America went a step forward and has stopped all its funding for WHO claiming that WHO is working in favour of China.

What’s China’s Reaction to Stopping of Funding:

China on Wednesday said in a statement that it was “seriously concerned” by the US decision to stop all its funding to WHO and has urged America to stand up to its duty during this difficult time. Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian told in a regular press meet that “The current global epidemic situation is grim. It is at a critical moment. This US decision will weaken the WHO’s capacities and undermine international cooperation against the epidemic.”

He came into the defence of WHO and said that WHO plays an important role in the global public health crisis and WHO is doing all it can do to fight coronavirus. He added that Trump decision will affect all the countries including America, especially those countries which have poor health care facilities and said it will affect the world fight against coronavirus. In the end, he said that “China will as always support the WHO in playing an important role in international public health and global anti-epidemic response”.

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On the question that whether China will increase its fund for WHO, Zhao said that till now they have given USD 20 million to WHO to fight COVID-19 and will analyse the current situation thus indicating that China may increase its fund for WHO.

Why Did America Stop the Funding?

Trump stopped all its funding for the WHO because he accused the WHO of severely mismanaging the epidemic and also that it tried to cover up the spread of coronavirus. He told that the US contributes $400 million to $500 million to the WHO each year whereas China contributes only $40 million. He accused that WHO was slow in alarming the world about the threat of coronavirus and accused it of favouring China. He said that WHO was not able to check the China transparency-related to the spread. of coronavirus