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China Hantavirus Outbreak: 1 man Dies after testing positive

What’s going on here a new virus arrived in china again one or deadly virus in china recently a press release.

A man from Yunnan china is tested and positive from virus called Hantavirus.

Now the man test on Tuesday he is dead by the hantavirus.

Another shocking news from global times china 32 other people are positive from same hantavirus.

What is Hantavirus?

do not worry about it it’s not like coronavirus or covid 19 it is not spread in the air.

This virus is mainly spread from rodents so stay away from rodents.

This virus is only spread in people who contact with urine, feces, the saliva of rodents so do not worry about it.

Symptoms of Hantavirus

What are the symptoms of hantavirus symptoms are basically the same as another virus’s main symptoms are fever, skin problems, headaches, dizziness, abdominal problems, muscle aches, etc.

if you are in china and you eat rodents then stay alert and if you have these symptoms then take a test for hantavirus.

hantavirus pulmonary syndrome(HPS) is con not passed from air or people to people so you are safe.


Some people say hantavirus is like coronavirus but this is not true as we all know that coronavirus is the most deadly virus in today’s days.

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Coronavirus is passed from person to person or in the air but hantavirus is not spread like this that is the main reason coronavirus is more dealy from hantavirus.

Covid 19 is spread too fast hantavirus is only spread from rodents.