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China to share its Coronavirus data with Usa President Donald Trump

Trump said that China will share its data about the pandemic ongoing with the US and hence will learn from what Beijing’s experience after a phone call with the Chinese leader XI Jinping.

“We talked about it (coronavirus) because he had additional experience of having been much earlier. And he has developed some incredible theories, and all that information is coming over here. A lot of it’s already come. We call it data. And we’re going to learn a lot from what the Chinese went through,” Trump told the reporters. Trump apparently had an hour long conversation about the coronavirus issue with the Chinese leader.

He also mentioned that they talked about everything from how it happened, when it took place and what was the most effective remedy.

Video credits – “the guardian” youtube channel

“It happened there actually long before it happen here. By the way, it would have happened here a lot sooner had we not kept those people out, the Chinese people coming over to the country, had we not kept amount,” he said. “Our relationship with China is very good. We also talked about the trade agreement. But I must tell you this whole invisible enemy has taken over the world. Nobody cares about trade. Nobody cares about anything. You want to talk about trade, they immediately get back to this (coronavirus),” he said.

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The two leaders decided to cooperate and work together and remove the coronavirus to restore health back in their respective countries.