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“Cheese Can Fight the Coronavirus.” Is It True? Will It Help to Cure Patients?

Coronavirus has been in the news ever since 2020 started. The highly contagious viral infection is said to be spread from a wet market in Wuhan province of China.

The whole world, which has been under a preventive lockdown to flatten the infection curve, has not yet received much success.

The number of infections has already surpassed 6.66M. The number of deaths has amounted to 3,93,000. Even for India, per day, the number of infections has been increasing in huge numbers. The number of deaths in India has amounted to 6,929.

In such a dire situation, scientists have been looking for a cure as soon as possible. There have been false reports as to what can possibly cure this deadly disease. However, almost all of them have been hoax reports and nothing substantial has come up till now.

But, studies have shown evidence that a certain type of food can help fight this deadly disease.

What Is This Food?

Recent research has shown that Vitamin K can be beneficial in restoring immunity. This vitamin that can be found in spinach, eggs and in some types of cheese is said to be beneficial.

Studies have shown that patients who died of the deadly disease were lacking the supplements that are found in the foods mentioned above.

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Hence, a key cure against this virus is being said to be a strong immunity.

Hence, scientists have suggested that recently recovered patients and other people who have not been infected yet, should try to eat food which is rich in such supplements.

This is especially good news as now, and people have at least got some kind of hope.

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