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Cheers to the Presence of Channing Tatum: He Sways People by Being at the World Premiere of the Movie “10 Years”

Channing Tatum, the man in the Magic Mike series and 21/22 Jump Street, really got people dazzled. He is loved by everyone especially his looks, they get people on the edge. There are people who could impress people by their presence and one of them is Channing. His movie, ’10 Years’ had its world premiere and him being there, really nailed it. People loved him there.

What is the plot of 10 Years?

10 Years is romantic comedy featuring Tatum. It was directed by Jamie Linden. However, the movie was released back on September 11th 2011. At the box office, the movie managed to get $203,373. There were some pretty good cast in the movie though.

Cast of the movie

Jack Stafford is played by Channing Tatum. Jenna Dewan-Tatum play Jess. Marty Burn and Cully are played by Justin Long and Chris Pratt. Besides that, Aubrey Plaza is also in the movie as Olivia. Along with all the above, there were many other actors present in the movie.

More on Channing Tatum

The guy is handsome, first of all, he is also an actor and producer. He is actually very talented. Besides these, he can dance real good. The handsome man is married to Jenna Dewan-Tatum.

Mr. Tatum really hit the roof when he starred in Step Up. After Step Up, he started to join in on many different movies and projects. However, the rest is history.

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His presence at the world premiere

There are a lot of people who are regarded as damn handsome. For instance, the Hemsworth bros were compared with him and Zac Efron. All of these guys are handsome and are really known for their style. Their way of acting are different too in some ways but those are also compared.

Not too long ago, Channing Tatum’s fans found some of his photos. Those photos turned out to be very special. Why? Because he was so young and handsome. Those photos were shared on Instagram and showed him at the Toronto Film Festival. He was there for the world premiere of his movie back in 2011. However, those pics still make everyone’s heart skip a beat.

Here Are Some of Those Pics for You to See

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