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Charli XCX Net Worth All You Need to Know

We all know Charli XCX. She is a very popular singer known for her very famous albums. Her first-ever album was released back in 2008. Since then, she has come along very far and has worked with many other famous artists.

Charli XCX Early Life

Charli XCX was born on August 2nd, 1992. Her real name is Emma Aitchison. She is the daughter of Jon and Sameera Aitchison. Charli grew up mostly in Star Hill, Essex. She had her eye in the music industry for some time. She was already feeling quite a pull towards music when she was young. At the age of 14, she began to write her own songs. It was not long before she got permission from her parents to record her own album.

Charli XCX Career

She began her career with Asylum Records. Charli XCX released ‘Stay Away’ and gained a lot of success. After some time, she started to go hard and knew that she is going to gain a lot of success. Her first album was loved by many people and she released her second album. It was called ‘Nuclear Season’. She earned the Best New Track because of this album.

As time passed, Charli continued to gain popularity. She has worked with many other artists. Her career is on the fast-track because of her determination. Most people who started around the same time as her, are not even known. Fans, from all over the world, love her new albums and support them.

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In 2013, she released You (Ha Ha Ha). After that, she went on to release many more albums. For example, Take My Hand, Just, True Romance, and more.

She is part of the music industry but she has also worked in movies and shows. For example, Angry Birds, Nasty Cherry, and some others.

Charli XCX Net Worth

Charli XCX is estimated to have a net worth of $5 million. Most of her net worth is because of her music. However, she has also been in movies and shows. As she continues to release more albums, she also continues to increase her net worth every day.

Charli has come very far and was very young when she was introduced to the music industry. She is known to be persistent and determined. Over the years, she has also continued to win many awards and achievements.

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