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Charli D’Amelio Is All Set to Come up With Big Announcement as She Shares a Hurted Nose Post on IG

There has lately been rumours about Tiktok Stars. After the ban imposed on the social media platform in many countries, many have voiced their opinions against it. However one incident that has left everybody shocked is Charlie D Amelio’s nose job news. Many of her followers on Tiktok were left bewildered after hearing the news.

Who is Charlie D Amelio?

Charlie D Amelio is a dancer and a social media influencer. She posts her dance videos on Instagram and on Tiktok as well. Upon this date, the 16-year-old is the most followed person on Twitter. She has close to 719 million followers on Tiktok. Charlie also has 24 million followers on Instagram.

Instagram Live Post

After the nose job issue arose, Charlie posted a clarifying video on Instagram Live. She said that she was excited because she was finally going to have surgery on her nose. For quite a long time she was suffering from it. She could not breathe properly or smell and taste things. Charlie said that she could not take the smell of the flowers. Her initial surgery had been scheduled for the month of November 2019. However, it got delayed indefinitely owing to the Pandemic that arose in the month of December. Her social media posts of the bloody nose have left many bewildered. Many fans have expressed concerns about D Amelio’s health status. Some have even looked to create controversy. Charlie was supposed to appear for a new self-made series. Many claimed that she had undergone the nose job for this purpose, in order to maintain her looks.

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Clarification post on Twitter

Amelio also made a clarifying post on Twitter. In the post, she said that the nose job was a cause of real health concern for her. Without undergoing it she was really suffering from breathing and other regular activities. Although the pain was excruciating, she was slowly recovering from the surgery. Charlie also said that soon she was going to release her new video on Tiktok for her fans.