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Chad Daybell Mug Shot and He Is Booked in Jail

Chad Daybell, a writer by profession, has always been a seemingly normal man with a normal life and wife.

The man who has been author to books like The Great Gathering, An errand for Emma and Living on the Edge of Heaven, among others, has lived in Salem, Idaho, for a long time.

What Exactly Happened?


He married Tammy Daybell in the year in the year 1990. His wife reportedly died on October 19, 2019. She was said to have passed away peacefully in her sleep.

But, things turned suspicious as her husband Chad Daybell got married to Lori Vallow in Hawaii, just 17 days after his wife’s death.

What is more suspicious is the death of both their spouses. Lori’s two children Tylee Ryan, 17, and son Joshua Vallow were also reported missing since September 2019, when the pair got married.

Extensive investigations had been going on in the case. Lori Vallow had been taken into custody with charges of leaving her children and set for a bail of $5 million, which was later reduced to $1 million.

Sources have said that Vallow had reportedly been involved in a cult, which could be the reason behind her missing children.

Things have once again turned ugly as human remains were found in Daybell’s Idaho home.
While the identity of the remains has not yet been confirmed, police are hoping to find a connection to the missing children, which will be enough to charge Daybell formally.

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For now, he has been taken into custody.

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