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Celebrities With Coronavirus: What They Thought About Coronavirus

As we all know that the world is suffering from a virus knows as the coronavirus.

It is spreading very fast all over the world.

Many people also die in it whether some are the cure. Not only the general public but celebrities are also very aware of it. The coronavirus was mainly found in birds and the mammals and it is spread through them from

China. The symptoms of the coronavirus are cold, fever, cough and sometimes headache also. Everyone needs to be careful these days. In the further article, you will find the reactions of the celebrities about the coronavirus.

The celebrities is talking about the coronavirus in social media and spreading awareness through it.

Celebrities with Coronavirus

  • Lady Gaga

The lady Gaga said about the coronavirus that we have to be kind towards the patient of coronavirus and help them in every possible way. She said that we all are together in this difficult situation

  • Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber said that he and all world is with China and with every person who is suffering from this disease. He also said that he gives the donation for the support of China.

  • Mark Ronson

Mark Ronson gives the advice for washing the hands by saying that he is also washing his hands for the 7 minutes, he is just in a funny way.

  • Katy Perry
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She said that all the world is together against this disease and they can win together.

  • Sabrina Carpenter

She says to be safe and provide a technique to wash your hands correctly

There are also many other celebrities who give their reaction towards this disease and told everyone to be safe!!