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Celebrities Who Have Recovered From Coronavirus Here Are the List

As the whole world is fighting against coronavirus and is suffering. There are also many people who are recovering from the virus which include many celebrities. Here is the celebrities name.

Sara Bareilles:

She was diagnosed with coronavirus but now she has fully recovered from coronavirus on April 2. She informed the world through her Instagram post on which she informed the world that she has fully recovered from the virus and she wished all the people fighting with coronavirus best of luck and was thankful to the god for the breath she is taking.

Tom Hank and his wife Rita Wilson:

When the coronavirus hit the Hollywood first nobody expected that Tom Hanks would be first to be affected by a coronavirus. Tom and his wife Rita Wison were infected with coronavirus on March 11 when he was shooting an Elves Presly biopic on the Gold Coast, Australia. Tom tweeted on twitter on March 17 that he has good news for everyone as he is recovering and after one week he said that the symptoms are the same.

Colton Underwood:

One of the biggest star to test positive by Colton Underwood who came forward and announced that he was suffering from coronavirus. However, he is recovering from it and on March 20 he came forward and informed everyone that he is self-isolating himself at Huntington Beach, CA. In a video which is filmed at his girlfriend parent house, he told everyone that he used to eat healthy food and exercised daily but then also could not resist the virus. He shared the misery he was going through as he told that he could not walk up the stairs or go to the bathroom without being exhausted.

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