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Cbs Jounalist Maria Merceder Dies From Coronavirus at 54

Maria Mercader, a CBS News journalist who spent more than thirty years as a journalist and talent manager, died on Sunday after screening for positive coronavirus. She was fifty-four years old. She was on medical leave at the end of February when it tested positive for COVID-19.

Mercader “she has battled cancer and other diseases courageously for 20 years, enduring numerous treatments and operations,” CBS reported. She was a source of inspiration and hope for her friends and relatives. The day she returned to work while the new medical retrogression threatened her life.Maria has managed to generate many of the most important news, including the death of Princess Diana and the 9/11 attacks.

She was given a Business Emmy in 2004 for her work on a data spam report entitled “CBS Sunday Morning.” Over the last four years, Mercador has been Head of Talent management at CBS News and has carried several hats for the company during her career. Beginning with the 1987 page program, she worked her way up the ladder at CBS News shortly after graduating from New Rochelle College and finally became a foreign desk manager at CBS News.

Susan Zirinsky, CBS News president and senior executive director, spoke in a farewell speech regarding Mercader’s investigative talents and “indomitable nature.” Dealing with her difficulties, CBS News says Mercader remains an “inspiration” every time she comes to work after a health issue. “Maria became a blessing to all,” said Laurie Orlando, CBS News Senior Vice President of Talent. “It’s always difficult to be somebody That everybody likes, but Maria was. She’s also had a friendly hug, a word of advice or support, and a big smile towards everyone in her presence. She has been a bright light, and we would miss her a lot. She was a paragon of courage and dignity that represented the best of the mission of the CBS News. Millions of People explored the world with her contributions. Now our society becomes less with her loss. RIP

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