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Cause of Deaths in Kano State in Nigeria the FG finally reveals

There had been a lot of deaths in the Kano state of Nigeria, which is the North-Western part of Nigeria. The reason for which was unknown for the following five weeks is no longer hidden behind a cloak.

The Federal Govt. has finally revealed the cause of the mass deaths which had instilled fear among the people since then. The Govt. explained that with proper circumstantial evidence, the investigation team has found out the deaths almost 50-60% of the deaths are COVID-19 related deaths as they are simply unexplainable.

The Health Minister of Nigeria revealed the reason.

The minister of health, Dr. Osagie Ehanire, addressed the reason in the Presidential Task Force meeting on COVID-19 on Abuja.

He announced, “With the observation and recommendations of the three-week assignment, the committee developed strategic incident management and coordination plan to strengthen the health workers’ capacity and improve community engagement in line with our response plan.”

Sadly many of the healthcare workers in the state of Kano had become nervous with the arrival of the coronavirus. Over 150 of the workers had become infected—the reason why the health care workers stopped attending to patients in the hospitals. The management team helped the health workers and trained them on infection prevention and control. Thereby restoring their confidence and getting them back to work.

Deaths in the Second week of April was at the peak.

The health minister further shed light on the deaths that had occurred in April with the death toll peaking up to a massive 979. The fatalities recorded were across eight municipal localities of the state and the death rate was huge at 43 deaths per day.

The autopsy carried out by the team revealed that 56% of the people died at their homes, while 38% died at the hospitals. If reports are to be believed, the deaths are majorly triggered due to the COVID-19. The estimated figure says that almost 50-60% were caused due to the coronavirus pandemic in the Kano state of Nigeria.

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