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”Catch It Or Lose It”, Said A Man While Playing Pokemon GO In Italy During The Quarantine Situation.

Due to rapid spread of Corona virus or COVID-19 all government of all countries have instructed that the public should be kept in quarantine for few weeks. Due to restricting people in their home, they might go out if required getting food, medicine, going to work ( doctors, nurse). This initiative has been taken so that more people resisting being in contact with sick people and break the chain of the spreading of Corona Virus.

More than 400 people died in one day in Italy, the police of Italy instructed a strict enforcement the lock down of the place. The condition of Italy getting worse Darby day and the only way to stop this spreading this virus in social distance.

Pokémon GO craze in people

When the workless people staying at home they download games from play store or iOS app store. Pokemon Go is one of the most popular and downloaded game now. In this game you have to catch the Pokemon in phone by al limited pokeball that stored in your in game character’s bag(inventory). That’s not easy, the twist is you have to walk on street like in real life and the game will collect your location by GPS system. By walking on street the character in your phone will walk in-game map, and the Pokemon will appear beside you, you have to tap on that Pokemon and catch with your pokeball.

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There are 3 types of Pokemon, Common, Rare and legendary. The possibility of appearing the Pokemons depends by there type. Common Pokemon will appear frequently, rare Pokemon will appear some times but the legendary Pokemon will appear 1 or 2 times in a month.

However, the fever of Pokemon go aren’t go any where even in this wide spread of the COVID- 19 virus. Recently in Italy a 30 years old man who was stopped by the Carabinieri on the streets of Sand Fermo in the northern Como province, it seem that he had some reason enough to be outdoor when asked, he explained that he was playing Pokemon Go. The man was outside with his daughter to play the reality game when being asked why he was not following the restrictions , he said, ” I have to hunt the Pokemon .” The police had no options but to charge him and he had to join more than 43000 people across the country who has been accused for breaking the lockdown restrictions. Time to neglect yourself and the people surrounding you social distancing is a smarter move.

Coronavirus inflected people in all over the people