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A Cat In Belgium Becomes the first Positive case after tested Covid 19

This is the first case of cat being infected by coronavirus pandemic. According to many experts it is the rare case of animal being caught by the viral disease which is also infecting the humans.

The health officials of Belgium, a pet cat always seems to have contact with the owner from her owner the cat may have contracted coronavirus. This case of virus transmitted from human to the animal is extremely rare case.

The veterinary medical specialist has reported that the infection through coronavirus has been tested positive in a pet cat. On Friday in a press conference the doctor said that the cat and owner had same symptoms of coronavirus , as the owner a week before the cat was ill because of COVID-19.

The first symptom the cat had breathing problems and diarrhoea then doctors identified the viral infection in cat. Later on after testing the cat was found coronavirus positive.

Thus, this was reported that this is the rare first case of human to animal transmitting of coronavirus. According to researchers, the pets are ‘dead end’ hosts for the most pandemic virus like coronavirus. This means they can be infective as well as can get transmitted from humans to animals.

 Before this case there was no such cases even there is no such cases to confirm the fact. Even before this case in Hong-Kong two dogs were tested coronavirus positive. But after a week the one of the dog was slightly positive.

The experts says that dogs carries virus on their nose and fur, but in this first COVID-19 case the level of virus in cat is high and is completely infected by virus. The cat is under observation to know whether the cat body has developed any anti-virus or not.

In year 2000 the cat was caught by a similar virus which was SARS but there were not a single case of virus is transmitted from human to animals. 

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