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Castlevania Season 4: Premiere Date, Upcoming Cast, Plot and What Are the Future Updates ??

It’s been a while for the Anime fans but still the craze regarding the Vampire Anime series “Castlevania” is something which is growing stronger than ever.

Castlevania Season 4: Is It for Real??

The series recently launched the third season and the creators were already asked by the fans about the 5th and 6th season.

So, with that, we already know that Netflix has announced the renewal of the series regarding the 4th season.

As the series has renewed about the upcoming season it’s still unknown when the series is going to be on Netflix and with the kind of pattern of release they follow, it looks like we have to wait till 2021.

Or the delay regarding the upcoming series could be longer as the executive producer of the series Adi Shankar is currently working on “Devil May Cry” sequel.

The magic is something which is intriguing within the series but the dead like The Judge, Sumi and Taka are going to remain dead in season 4 as well but there could be a chance of the return of Alucard’s mother and father to be back in the series as we were able to see them in hell through the Infinite Corridor.

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Castlevania Season 4: The plot

The third season was following four parallel storylines which were Alucard’s betrayal by Taka and Sumi and with that Dracula’s son who is going to be colder than his father which means darkness is coming along the way. Other than that, Carmilla’s plan to take away Wallachia will be going in the 4th season. So, yeah pretty much action will be there with blood all over the palace and with that Trevor and Syphia’s future doesn’t look good as it always remains uncertain and with the return of Alucard’s mother, could means a real danger!!.

Well, Need to Wait for 2021 If You Are Interested in Watching the Trailer for the Upcoming Season. So, Wait for a Little More Time.