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Castlevania Season 4: Cast, Release Date, And Other Details, What’s The Latest Update On The Show

The most popular Netflix animated series, Castlevania just released its third season and fans were escalated by watching the series. Within its release, it became the most streamed shows on Netflix platform and it’s been maintaining its popularity peak by staying in the top 10 list of popular shows of Netflix.

The American adult animated web series, based on the Japanese video game series of the same name by developers Konami, Season 3 made fans heartbroken with some main cast. Season 3 was an overwhelming experience. Though the season ended on a very unhappy note, fans are speculating that the makers will comeback with a new season.

Castlevania Season 4 : When will it return?

As for now, there’s no official statement issued by Netflix regarding a comeback of Castlevania with a season 4. Definitely Netflix is not going to cancel out the show as the series got some really hard-core fans and the note on which the season ended, there is definitely a new season in making. As animation production takes a lot of time, it will only take time for them to make an official announcement in the future.

One of the reasons for the announcement delay could be Netflix’s new animation show “ Heaven’s Forest” that’s still under production. Writer Warren Ellis in an interview said that he’s working with the executive producer of Castlevania Kevin Kolde. He calls the series as “cultural mix of Ramayana”.

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Return of Dracula?

If Castlevania gets a season 4 , we can expect Dracula to make a comeback for real to the series according to the number of hints in the season 3. Though he was not much seen in the third season, but we could definitely feel his presence in the whole series. In next season, we get to see Dracula meet her wife in the Hell, and coming back to the Earth to fulfill his desires.