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Castlevania Season 3 Finally To Release on 5 March This Year

Netflix is ready with its new series to launch, and one of them is Castlevania. The makers of the series have planned, to begin with, its season 3. It is an animated series which is pretty intense. The first trailer of the series has made an outcome. In the series, Dracula is a new league of vampires who have risen to power and also has an iconic son, Alucard.

  • Release Date of Castlevania Season 3

The confirmed release date for the new series is 5 March 2020 on Thursday. The renewing of the third season started in October 2018 after Castlevania season 2 got many positive views and reactions.

  • Cast and Characters of Castlevania Season 3

You will find several new characters in this new season and many of them you can find in the latest poster. According to the poster, James Callis will play the role of Alucard, Alejandra Reynoso as  Sypha Belnades, and Richard Armitage as Trevor Belmont. Also, the poster gives a clue that Jaime Murray will play Carmilla who is going to take the role of Dracula, who was an antagonist of the series. You will see a new character Rinaldo Gandolfi who plays the role of Alchemist in the game Castlevania: Lament of Innocence.

  • Plot for Castlevania Season 3

The final story and a small plot for this season have not been out yet. It remains under wraps till now. In the next, vampires will plan to enslave humans for blood. On the other hand, Trevor Belmont intends to save the human race. He will make new friends, and many of his friends have cool powers to defeat un-dead bloodsuckers.

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The synopsis of Castlevania new season reveals that Trevor will not be alone to save humans. He and misfit try to find the best ways to save humans. However, do not expect many roles of Dracula because he has met his matchmaker in season 2.

  • How many episodes will Castlevania Season 3 will have?

The new season is upcoming with ten episodes. The director Sam has made a comeback to the show along with its executive producer/writer Warren Ellis, and producers Fred Seibert, Adi Shankar, and Kevin Kolde. Keep waiting for the upcoming season 3.