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Castle Rock Season 3: Release Date, Cast, And What Will Be The Storyline

So finally the update is here. One of the best horror anthology shows might get a third installment very soon and the official update is on its way.

Castle Rock is a US TV show streaming on Hulu network and is undoubtedly one of the best horror TV shows of this era.

Let’s take a quick sneak peek of the show and its latest update on season 3, when it will stream and what will be the storyline.

Castle Rock: An overview and Storyline

Well since it is an anthology series it never follows a strict story but the plot somewhat and the theme of each season is arguably the same.

Castle Rock is one of the finest mythological or so-called horror fiction works by the great author Stephen King and all of the episodes of the show are based on his work under the same name called ‘Castle Rock’.

The show was created by Sam Shaw and Dustin Thomason where the tales for the show were from the books of Stephen King.

The show features the town of Castle Rock, including the infamous Shawshank penitentiary and the gruesome incidents taking place in the fictitious town.


Castle Rock: Seasons and Reception

CASTLE ROCK — “The Word” – Episode 207 — An angel watches over this place. Ace (Paul Sparks) and Annie (Lizzy Caplan), shown. (Photo by: Dana Starbard/Hulu)

So far two seasons of Castle Rock have been released and both of them received great amounts of applause and praise.

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Both of them were loaded with tonnes of positive responses from the audience.

The season one was released on 25th July of 2018 and after receiving a lot of praise the second was aired on the same Hulu network in October 2019. Both of these seasons consisted of 10 episodes each and were based on similar but different concepts.

The reach was pretty good for the show such that it received a 7.6 rating in IMDb, 88% in rotten tomatoes and 8.1 as per TV. Com.

Castle Rock: When to and What to expect in season 3?

Even though there hasn’t been any official confirmation or update, rumors are that season 3 is inevitable considering the huge success of the first two seasons.

An official update will be put up soon as the next season is expected to be aired at the end of 2020 or at the beginning of 2021.

Undoubtedly Stephen King’s tales deserve a visual adaptation and it makes Castle Rock season 3 a highly anticipated TV show.