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Cast, Release Date, Trailer, and What Do You Expect More About Detective Pikachu 2

Action movie of 2019, Detective Pikachu, an adaptation of Nintendo, was a hit film of 2019. It has earned a lot of money, and thus the makers have decided to bring Detective Pikachu 2. However, the new movie has caused many questions that are still not answered. People are thinking of release date, cast, and the plot for the next film. So what do you feel about the new movie? Here are the answers to your questions.

Detective Pikachu 2 Release Date

An official announcement for the release of Detective Pikachu 2 is not out yet. The makers have not revealed anything regarding this. The first film premiered on 8th May 2019. Also, it was speculation for the release of the new sequel. Might be this time again the movie is going to be for the same slot. The writer, Oren Uziel, had done good work for the new film. Thus it is optimistic that we will see the new movie Detective Pikachu 2 at the starting of 2022 or ending of 2021.

The cast of Detective Pikachu 2

However, till date, there is nothing official about Detective Pikachu 2 if it will release or not. Everything about the new movie is still under wraps by makers. However, the adventures of Harry, Tim, and Pikachu are still to continue in the next. They will be seen to tackle with uncountable mysteries on the Ryme City.

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The trailer of Detective Pikachu 2

The official announcement for the movie will not be before one year. Also, the trailer will not be in front of cameras before this. Thus the trailer might go before cameras in the coming year.

Which significant changes do you expect for a new movie?

Detective Pikachu has been a super hit movie, and people have more expectations from the next part too. However, you will see many powerful Pokemons in the upcoming film. The makers hope for a full hit for the next movie. Let’s see what happen next in the next part of the film. Stay tuned for more updates.

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