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“Cast of The Great on Hulu” All We Know so Far

The Great is a miniseries that aired on Hulu on May 15, 2020. It is an American comedy, drama series, basically a historical fiction about the rise of Catherine the Great. It is written by Tony McNamara and has 1 series by far having a total number of 20 episodes. The executive producers of the show are Tony McNamara, Marian Macgowan, and Elle Fanning who herself is seen playing the main character on the show.

The Great: Plot

It is the story about a queen who was the longest-reigning female ruler in Russia’s history, Catherine the Great, presented in a satirical and comedic sense. The series focuses on the difficult situations of a young girl who basically came to Russia to marry mercurial Emperor Peter, hoping for love and happiness. Instead, she fells into a backward, dangerous, underprivileged society that she wishes to change. In order to this, she ends up killing her husband, bewilders the military, and wins the court on her side. The series is full of drama and ironic moments. Also, it is a must-watch series if you are looking for something fun, comedic, and light to enjoy with your family and friends.

The Great: Cast of the Show

  1. Elle Fanning – She plays the character of Catherine the Great and probably she is one of the best-suited cast for her role.
  2. ┬áNicholas Hoult – He plays the role of Peter of Russia whom Catherine marries and later kills to change the world.
  3. Phoebe Fox – She portrays the character of Marial
  4. Louis Hynes – He is seen in the role of Vlad
  5. Gwilym Lee – He plays the role of Grigor Dymov
  6. Sacha Dhawan – He is seen as playing the character of Oriov
  7. Sebastian De Souza – He portrays the role of Leo
  8. Bao Gbadamosi – He is seen playing the role of Arkady
  9. Adam Godley – He is seen in the character of Archie
  10. Charity Wakefield – She portrays the character of Georgina
  11. Douglas Hodge – He plays the character of General Velementov
  12. Belinda Bromilow – She is seen playing the role of Aunt Elizabeth
  13. Richard Pyros – He portrays the character of Count Raskolnikov
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