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Cast of Game of Thrones and All the Upcoming News

For Eight seasons, stars of the Game of Thrones has entertained us. With scintillating drama and inarguably the strongest content, it has truly become epic in proportions. No doubt it is ranked as the greatest TV series of all time along with Breaking Bad. Stars from Game of Thrones however are looking forward to new ventures in order to expand their fame. While some like Kit Harrington have taken a sabatical from acting, others are quite into it. Here’s a list of some of the cast members and what their future projects in Hollywood are-

Sophie Turner

The ultra sensitive woman turned queen in the North Sansa Stark is one of the most recognizable faces on Earth. After GOT, Sophie got involved with one of the biggest movie franchises in X-Men Dark Phoenix. She played the titular character of Jean Grey. Further she will be starring in a movie called Broken Soldier.

Lena Heady

The malicious Cersei Lannister was truly the most brilliantly crafted characters in Game of Thrones. Incredibly talented Lena Heady is venturing into other projects. She plays the role of the protagonist in the movie The Flood. There she has a mini reunion with actor Ian Glen who plays Jorah Mormont in GOT.

Maisie Williams

Killer of the Night King, assumed by many to be the true ruler of the North. Maisie who plays the brave Arya Stark in GOT, is associated to star in an animated comedy The Owners. She would be lending her voice to the titular character in the movie.

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Emilia Clarke

Fearless and Adamant- The Mother of Dragons Khaleesi was an absolute powerhouse of the show. Emilia Clarke who has slowly become one of the most talented actors of her generation has her plate full. We will get to see her in movies like Above Suspicion and Last Christmas, along with Emma Thompson.

Richard Madden

The dashing Rob Stark met his end quite earlier than expected. But his character left a lasting impression on those who watched the show. Then came Bodyguard which catapulted him to incredible success along with GOT. He will now be seen in period drama 1917 along with Benedict Cumberbatch. Marvel’s Eternals is also supposed to have him in a very important role.

Peter Dinklage

Inarguably the most controversial character in GOT. He was the most loved and hated character in GOT at the same time. The only actor who won the Emmy for his performance in a supporting role. Peter Dinklage quite honestly was the cynosure of Game of Thrones. He will now be seen giving his voice as an Eagle to Angry Birds 2. The Croods 2 will also have him as a caveman.