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Cast of Blindspot Season 5 Episode 1: Release Date an ABC Renewed shows 2020

American Television Network has seen a host of thrilling dramas over the decade or so. Some like CSI Miami and House of Cards have truly achieved cult status among those that are there. While others have slowly risen to the annuls of extreme popularity with methodical script and storytelling. Blindspot can definitely list among those that are extremely popular among the audience.

Blindspot Season 5 Episode 1: Plot

For those who have not watched the previous season, there are major spoilers ahead of you. So it would be advisable if you overlook the post. Thus we get to see that the rogue FBI Agents are on a mission to rescue someone. We get to know that they have to rescue Dotcom from a tightly secured facility and hostage him out of it. But the villain gets to know about their activities. Thus he hires a group of mercenaries to completely obliterate the agents. We see that from the previous episode Jane was able to elope from the house where she was held captive in. It was announced that there might be a very different ending to the story this time. This was because a character would die after the first episode of Season 5. But the audience poll for the show had suggested something completely otherwise. But as they say, the makers killed off one of the most popular characters in Reade. Other characters like Patterson, Zapata, and William do survive the axe. Incident took place while the agents were escaping through an underground tunnel. A drone had hit that place and the entire building collapsed. Reade was stuck in the debris and the other agents were unable to save his life.

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Blindspot Season 5 Episode 1: Release Date

The first episode of Season 5 is supposed to air on 15th May 2020. However, the date is now full of conjectures because of the current condition of instability. But it is expected that there will be no hassle regarding the release of the episode.

Blindspot Season 5 Episode 1: Cast

Rob Brown will play the role of Reade. Audrey Esparza will reprise the role of Zapata. Other associate characters are Madeline Burke and Rich Dotcom. Actors like Mary Elizabeth and Ennis Esmer will be cast to play those roles.